Tuesdays With Ryz – What Are You Willing to Do?

Resolutions are made. Some are kept. Most are broken. But if you truly set a resolution, you would have resolved to do it, regardless of a holiday, date, or time of year.  But don’t beat yourself up over a resolution that may have not made it. The year hasn’t ended, has it?  You see, the great thing about resolutions is that your …

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Tuesdays With Ryz – Scars

We are never as perfect as the day when we were born.  As our journey through life carries us forward, we learn that the perfect skin we had when we were born starts to have blemishes and scars.  These scars are remnants of incidents, accidents and encounters that were so traumatic, it left a reminder that would stay with us forever.  Most …

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Tuesdays With Ryz – Be Who You Are

Last week we celebrated Halloween.  I have never been a fan of Halloween. I don’t like scary movies, haunted houses or pretending to be someone other than myself. But I (bleeping) love candy! While Halloween is reserved for escaping our own identity and trading it in for another, if just for a short period of time, we all wear masks …

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Tuesdays With Ryz – Attitude of Gratitude

Words of Wisdom from Jim Tressel. Has anyone ever told you that you have an attitude?  It probably wasn’t meant as a compliment, but we all have attitudes.  They are also everywhere around us.  As we look at our own attitude, the challenge arises in our choice of embracing a particular attitude each and every day.   In our office, we …

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Tuesdays With Ryz – Once Upon a Time

“Once upon a time….the end.” No one’s story goes this way.  Tony Stark may have told his daughter this to get her to bed, but the ellipsis are the most important part of the story.   Sometimes, the story takes twists and turns.  Everyone has challenges.  Everyone goes through difficult times.  But the opportunities to learn from challenging times are what makes the story interesting and …

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Tuesdays With Ryz – Who Wants a Trophy?

You work hard.  You play hard.  That’s the way I was raised.  All of the work that you do comes with an equally rewarding payoff at the end.   When I was younger, it was usually a Butterfinger Blizzard from Dairy Queen, a bag of Big League Chew from Danny G’s or scoop of watermelon ice cream from Scoopers on the …

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Tuesdays With Ryz- The Hunter or the Hunted

We are always running.  Our lives have become so chaotic and full of demands and tasks that the treadmill seemingly never slows down, only continuing to speed up with no end in sight.  However, the mentality that you take when you are going after that task or goal is really easy to break down.  We actually see it in nature all …

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