New Competitors Take on Advertising During the Big Game

The COVID-19 pandemic has touched all aspects of our daily lives. The sports world is no different. All of the major sports leagues have taken unprecedented steps to create a stage to showcase their sports. Now the biggest stage in sports, the NFL championship game, is being affected by financial uncertainty. The uncertainty has many large corporations worried, as many …

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nfl cameraman courtesy fox sports

What the NFL Can Teach Us About Content Atomization

One of the biggest challenges in executing a strong content marketing strategy centers around the difficulty of creating content. You need to post with frequency and consistency, but how can you possibly create that much content? Especially with the rise of video content marketing this type of strategy can represent an enormous investment in time, creativity, and money. But what …

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2016 Paralympics Logo

Dan Klamert Directs Games for 2016 Paralymics in Rio

898 Marketing Video Production Partner Directed Live Video Production Efforts for 15th Summer Paralympic Games (Youngstown, OH) September 21, 2016- Dan Klamert is no stranger to directing high profile sporting events and live, video production efforts.  It is because of his accomplishments through TV Eye Productions, the video production arm of Canfield-based marketing firm, 898 Marketing, that he had the …

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Youngstown Phantoms Partner with 898 Marketing

Partnership will enhance brand affinity, drive revenue and engage fans

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