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Thanksgiving with Ryz

Isn’t amazing what gratitude can do?  I think that, above all else, gratitude is the ultimate transformational emotion, action or feeling that one can have.  Now don’t get me wrong, there is an argument to be made for every emotion or feeling one can have.  Studies have shown that smiles can heal, love can break and fear can motivate.  However, for me, gratitude is the ultimate life hack that can transform something ordinary, into extraordinary.  

Think about it: What other simple words, when standing alone, carry very minimal emotion or context, but when put together, can change the entire chemistry of a home, an office, a church, or a chaotic scene than “thank you?”  What other emotion can turn routine jobs that are done into pure joy and motivation to do more, to do better, to feel like you matter?  What simple outlook on a situation can turn normal happenings into blessings from God?  And what other approach to a typical Thursday can transform it into a day where all we do is give thanks?

You’re probably nodding your head or reading with a small smirk on your face, hopefully, which means you’re with me. Now—curveball—why can’t this be EVERY day? While many are focused on the “fat man in the red coat” and turning our homes and offices into mini-Mill Creek Parks (guilty), this Thursday is important symbolically from a historical perspective, but also from a self-reflection perspective to be grateful for all that we have, that we are able to offer others and that we have been able to achieve through friends, family and faith.

So as you pile the plate high and pour the drinks heavy, remember that the two words you should be saying on Thursday are not just, “Happy Thanksgiving,” but, “Thank you!” See the power that they can have on ANY Thursday or day of the week, not just one day.  

To you and your family, thank you for being you, for reading and for making this world a better place by being in it.  And if you ever need anything, I’m here for you.  Happy Thanksgiving!