Digital Marketing Acronyms to Live By

Oftentimes when looking at campaign performance, digital marketers use terms to help measure the success of a campaign. Many of these terms were created by marketers as a form of shorthand when communicating with each other or putting together a report. These shorthand acronyms have now made their way into meetings, boardrooms, strategies, and reports to show campaign performance. So, …

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Is my search engine optimization good

How to Know if Your SEO is Good or Bad

This is one question our agency gets asked quite frequently, and the ­­­answer is that there are multiple ways to get found online (Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising, Digital Display Advertising, Social Media, etc.). What clients are generally asking about when they ask this question is Organic Search results that are driven by Search Engine Optimization strategies. (Search Engine Optimization …

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Intern Michael Merdich Extended Through Fall Semester

Michael Merdich, our Digital Integration Intern in the Summer Semester, has been extended through the Fall Semester as he continues pursuing his degree from Youngstown State University. During his time with us in the summer, Michael demonstrated his knowledge and talent in web development and SEO, and has earned the trust of our team and clients. He has been a …

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Google’s BERT Algorithm Update: How Does This Affect Searches and SEO?

If you’re an “SEO Guy” you already know, but if not, here’s what you need to know about Google’s latest update.   Just “Google” It! The phrase “Google it” has become so common in our society. In a matter of seconds, we pull out our phone, tablet, or laptop and type a question into Google to get an answer. But …

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