The Power of Believing

“I can’t believe it!”

How many times have we said this in our lives?  The unique part about this statement is how it is applied to various emotional reactions to events that occur.  We have said it in moments of amazement and disappointment, sadness and joy, excitement and regret.  It is a reaction that, while expresses our thoughts about what we are experiencing, ironically is more appropriately describing our lack of vision in accepting an alternate ending than the one we want.  

We want to believe.  We want to hope— but we get so caught up in the prayers and wishes for what we believe will happen that we trick ourselves into the acceptance that an alternate ending is possible. Moreover, we neglect to acknowledge the fact that the outcomes we seek are a direct correlation to the effort we put in.  It is a simple math equation; good data and effort in yields good data and effort out. 

The challenge we all face is that we have to realize that, even with our efforts, we cannot control the outcome.  We are in charge of how we respond, which means we must always have an attitude that expects the unexpected and not only believes in the possibilities but also in our abilities to thrive or sustain ourselves in a scenario we may not have been expecting. 

As we go through life, it is important to remember to always believe: believe in ourselves, believe in our abilities, believe in the impossible. Because the minute we stop believing, that’s when we lose sight of our abilities to do the unthinkable.