Make Personal Connections Online Through Video Marketing

Any business owner, salesperson or marketer will tell you that the best way to sell your product or service is to connect with your customers. Building strong customer relationships founded on personal connection and trust leads to greater customer retention and referral for your business. But how do you build relationships with customers in the middle of a pandemic, in …

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898 Marketing The Current, Episode 8

The Current, Episode 8 – Finding a Solution to a New Problem in the Market

While the pandemic forced many businesses to close, it also created opportunities for new businesses to arise and meet new challenges being created in the community. One example is contagion-CLEAN, a local company with an EPA-approved solution to disinfect businesses and homes that is safe and highly effective. In this episode of “The Current,” learn how contagion-CLEAN was able to launch …

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Greenwood Extra Mile Stories

Client Spotlight: Greenwood Chevrolet’s Extra Mile Stories

Last month, 898 Marketing helped Greenwood Chevrolet in Austintown launch their new “Extra Mile Stories” campaign, which featured real Greenwood customers telling their stories. Learn more about how Greenwood went the Extra Mile for Eric, Kim, Kayla, and Louis: Family comes first at Greenwood, and no one understands that like Eric Rothbauer. Eric has been driving Chevrolet vehicles for the …

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the current content atomization

The Current, Episode 6 – Content Atomization

Content Atomization is the practice of taking a large piece of content, and breaking it down into smaller bits to be used over time. It can be tricky to grasp, which is why Bill Rusu paid a visit to the Youngstown Publishing Company to speak with Jeff Herrmann about effective content atomization strategies!

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nfl cameraman courtesy fox sports

What the NFL Can Teach Us About Content Atomization

One of the biggest challenges in executing a strong content marketing strategy centers around the difficulty of creating content. You need to post with frequency and consistency, but how can you possibly create that much content? Especially with the rise of video content marketing this type of strategy can represent an enormous investment in time, creativity, and money. But what …

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The Current, Episode 4- Planning 2020 TV Buys

Ask Jeffrey Ryznar what it’s like to get kicked off your own show… In episode 4 of “The Current,” Kelly Lynn gives Jeff the boot, and shares some of her knowledge on media and TV buys. 2020 is going to be a difficult year for media planning, with the Olympics, election, and a certain someone’s 40th birthday. Thankfully, there is …

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The Current, Episode 3- Leveraging the Media

Leveraging the media is an underrated promotional tool when it comes to marketing. It is crucial to cultivate strong media relationships, and use those connections to support successful PR campaigns. In this episode of “The Current,” take a ride with Jeffrey Ryznar as he gives you tips on utilizing your media partnerships to help your marketing campaigns.

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