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Frost Buddy – A TikTok Case Study

Social media is a beast— any business owner who struggles to maintain a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter presence can attest to that. Now, along comes TikTok… a platform that demands near-constant engagement and uploads to see any kind of success.

What can businesses do to launch and maintain a TikTok account?

In my opinion, the answer is to keep it simple. This isn’t a platform worth investing time and money into professional production. Your best bet is to think of a shtick that’s relative to your business, that you can create with your phone with minimal effort and do it at least once a day.

The best example I’ve seen of a business using TikTok to promote their product in a simple and engaging way comes from a brand called Frost Buddy.

The product is simple – it’s a universal can cooler that can fit almost any beverage (we’ll come back to “almost” in a moment). Each day, the creator of the product goes onto TikTok and challenges the internet to find a drink that won’t fit in the Frost Buddy.

It’s a brilliant strategy for two reasons: it encourages comments and engagement on his videos and, in responding to comments, it gives him an opportunity to brag about his product without it feeling like an ad.

Another thing to love about Frost Buddy’s approach to TikTok is that they’re not afraid of failure. If you’ve read any of my blogs in the past, you know that I think authenticity in your video content is the most important thing you should strive for. No product is perfect, and Frost Buddy willingly shares this and uses it as an opportunity to build trust with its customers.


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With over 340,000 followers and 8.7 million likes on TikTok, it’s clear that Frost Buddy has found a cadence that works, and they’ve done it in the simplest way possible. The question is: what can you do from the conference room in your office that highlights your business and encourages engagement?