“Navigating the Future of SEO and Content Marketing in 2024” – A Webinar Hosted by Conductor Overview

In the world of digital marketing, it is important to make sure that you are constantly educating yourself on what is new. In our industry, trends phase in and out before you even get a chance to capitalize on them. At 898 Marketing, we encourage attending webinars, reading blogs, and watching YouTube content so that we can deliver the best results for our clients.

Recently, Conductor hosted a webinar titled Navigating the Future of SEO and Content Marketing in 2024.” We’re sharing the webinar’s key messages and everything that reinforces our own marketing strategies and commitment to clients’ success.

Key Takeaways:

1. Content is #1

Even though this is probably the 100th time you have heard it, content is very important to marketing. Content is the foundation of websites, blog posts, social media posts, video concepts, and more. Before we delve deeper, let’s cover the basics.

SEO and Content Marketing Definitions

Simply put, content equals information. Content is information that expresses an idea, including written words, images, videos, and more. 

Content marketing is the strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain an audience that is clearly defined.

SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of improving your website’s rank and visibility across search engines such as Google.

How do we effectively write content in 2024?

Content is ever changing. With a surplus of content being written with the usage of AI, there is an increase of content that doesn’t provide value to readers. In fact, Ahrefs published a blog in 2023 stating that 96.55% of content does not receive traffic from Google.

So, when you write content in 2024, consider the following:

  • Does your content provide genuine value to a potential reader?
  • Does your content include features like FAQs, downloadable content, and statistics?

2. Do not rely on AI-generated content

When tools like ChatGPT first came out, we saw a surge of AI-generated content for blog posts, web copy, and more. However, this raises an issue in the content creation world. The copy from these tools was actually recycled content just scraped from the web. Although using AI is not a bad thing, they should be used sparingly with discretion. AI can be used to help generate inspiration for topics, brainstorm concepts, and research subjects relating to your content’s purpose.

Updates in AI and SGE 

Google recently pushed an update in Search Generative Experience called AIOverviews. If you’ve seen a box with information populate at the top of your results page giving you direct answers to search queries, then you’ve experienced AIOverviews.

Here is Google’s response to “What are AIOverviews?”

Google AI Overviews description

The purpose of AIO is to deliver answers to search queries quickly without users needing to click to the website. Within the first two weeks of launch, users have already gathered data on performance, although the long-term impact of this feature is unknown. 

Trends to Ignore in 2024: Voice Search

Voice search poses an interesting potential opportunity for marketers. When COVID-19 initially struck the U.S., we saw an uptick in voice searches via Alexa, Siri, and other voice search formats. Although numbers still remain higher than they were pre-COVID, they have since dropped. 

There is currently no way to measure voice search, but we very well could reach a point when voice search becomes more prevalent. If we do, ensure you are prepared with high-quality content.

To watch the full webinar for more information, click here. Once that page loads, fill out the information on the right-hand side, then click “watch now.” 

SEO and Content Marketing webinar info

The Future of SEO Overview:

Overall, SEO is changing. Navigating the Future of SEO will include producing high-quality, original (not AI-generated) content. The other strategy elements will be dependent on the client, industry, and other variables. 

898 Marketing’s approach to SEO always includes an honest analysis of your current position and your goals. This approach helps our marketing agency deliver measurable, attainable results. Partner with 898 to ensure your confidence in choosing the right digital marketing team for your business.