The 3 Best 2024 Summer Marketing Campaigns So Far

These Summer Marketing Campaigns Are Heating Up

As summer 2024 heats up, so does the competition among brands to capture the attention and loyalty of consumers. This year, three summer marketing campaigns have caught our eye with their creativity, engagement, and ability to connect with diverse audiences. Let’s dive into what makes these campaigns the best of the season so far.

Dunkin’: Dunkin’Tern

Dunkin’ kicked off its summer campaign on June 17 with a unique and engaging concept featuring actor Will Arnett and content creator Corporate Natalie. The duo leads a class of “Dunkin’Tern” creators, aiming to highlight the brand’s iced beverages, including iced coffee, Dunkin’ Refreshers, and Sparkd’ Energy products.

The campaign will take place over a series of episodes, revolving around a variety of summer projects undertaken by the Dunkin’Terns.

A 30-second “Orientation” commercial sets the stage, introducing the team of interns and a quirky, malfunctioning robot resembling Ben Affleck adding a humorous twist. This spot, along with four creator-specific 15-second ads, showcases the campaign’s playful and innovative nature.

Content creators from various fields—music, food, fashion, and gaming—bring their unique perspectives to the table.

Notable projects include a summer anthem by boy band veterans Joey Fatone and A.J. McLean, an “Iced Coffee Mixology” menu crafted by chef Nick DiGiovanni, a capsule collection by designer Yoon Ahn, and a gaming activation by Twitch streamer SypherPK. This diverse and dynamic approach not only keeps the content fresh and engaging but also reaches a wide array of audiences.

Tropicana: The Juice That Starts It All

Tropicana’s new campaign, “The Juice That Starts It All,” is a nostalgic yet contemporary effort to reinforce the brand’s legacy while appealing to younger audiences.

The campaign spans premium networks, broadcast TV, premium online video platforms like Disney, Peacock, and Hulu, and social media channels including TikTok, Meta, and YouTube. It also includes audio placements on SiriusXM and Pandora and digital out-of-home (DOOH) takeovers in major markets.

The campaign’s 45-second extended spot takes viewers through Tropicana’s history and ongoing values, emphasizing its role in creating memorable moments like brunches, Saturday mornings, and mimosas.

By blending these nostalgic elements with modern-day relevance, Tropicana aims to maintain its status as a leading orange juice brand while building a stronger connection with younger consumers, particularly the growing Gen Z demographic.

Home Depot: Summer Campaign

Home Depot’s summer marketing campaign excels through its multifaceted approach to summer home improvement, capturing the essence of the season and resonating deeply with consumers. This campaign tales place across a variety of media, but we’re most impressed with the social media approach.

By strategically aligning promotions with key summer holidays such as Memorial Day, Father’s Day and the Fourth of July, Home Depot effectively taps into the seasonal enthusiasm for DIY projects and home renovations.

The campaign not only offers attractive deals but also inspires customers with practical project ideas, encouraging them to take on new challenges and enhance their living spaces.

Home Depot’s campaign includes several images and reels capitalizing on trending content, how-to’s and influencer/affiliate work. 

These short yet impactful videos are designed to capture attention quickly and leave a lasting impression, driving engagement and motivating customers to take advantage of the summer savings. This comprehensive and well-executed marketing strategy showcases Home Depot’s ability to effectively engage and inspire its audience.

What do you think of these summer marketing campaigns?

These campaigns highlight the innovative ways brands are engaging with their audiences this summer. Here at 898 Marketing, we take special note of effective and unique campaigns. By analyzing successful and trending campaign strategies, we are able to enhance our own operations and better understand the market we are serving.

898 Marketing has access to all of the advertising channels used by Dunkin’, Tropicana and Home Depot. These four companies’ summer marketing campaigns are some that all marketing professionals can benefit from learning about. As these campaigns continue to roll out, they set a high bar for creativity and engagement in summer marketing.