Facebook Updates for Marketers

Facebook has made a push in recent months, updating the platform with elements focused on increased security for users and transparency from the Pages, basically, trolling them.  However, Facebook has since tackled a lot of enhancements that will directly impact how you engage with the solution for marketing your company.  All of these changes may be hard to keep up with, but don’t worry, we have some of the most important Facebook updates for marketers so you don’t miss out on what the platform can now offer your company to reach your customers.  

Info & Ads Feature for Pages

One of the new changes is called, “Info & Ads,” feature for Pages. This allows any user to view all of the ads any Page is currently running– even if they aren’t following that Page or a member of the ad’s targeted audience.  This helps with transparency and also gives users a quick way to learn the history of your page.  This will help with transparency, and it also gives users the ability to see the general history of a Page.  This perfect for companies like real estate agencies, car dealers, retailers or restaurants who may have a large amount of ads being run for various products/services. 

Instagram Integration

Another change Facebook recently put into play is a new feature that allows Pages to crosspost single-image posts directly to Instagram.  This is convenient and easy, which is always a nice benefit, but don’t use this to manage both profiles.  Instagram and Facebook have different sets of best practices on how to use them to appeal to your customers, including different behaviors of usage times of people on the channels.  Also, remember this is for single image posts only and the image cannot be altered for Instagram.  

Custom Audience Targeting Requirements

If you use companies like 898 Marketing to run your social channels, this is important.  Facebook has recently added new requirements for how you’re targeting custom audiences built from customer files and they’re going to start enforcing them.  Advertisers will be required to specify the origination of their audience’s information every time they upload a new customer file.  In addition, if businesses are going to be sharing customer information through partnerships, they must establish an audience-sharing relationship through the Business Manager and agree to Facebook Custom Audiences Terms.    This means if your small business wants to hire an ad agency to run your campaigns for you and utilize custom audiences from your customer lists, you’ll need to set this up.  You’ll also need to be sure you have proper list acquisition methods in place to make sure you are acquiring approval from your customers to contact them in this manner.

These changes, along with those mentioned in the above video featured in the Business Journal, will make sure that you are equipped to utilize the latest updates to Facebook for your company’s marketing efforts.  

About the Author

Jeff-Ryznar-898MarketingJeff Ryznar is a marketing professional with over 15 years of strategic marketing experience and planning for some of the largest brands including Ford Motor Company, General Motors and the Cleveland Cavaliers.  He is currently the owner of 898 Marketing, specializing in custom marketing strategies and business solutions for small and medium sized business in the Midwest.