Incorporate Summer into your Social Strategy

Although I haven’t been in a classroom in four years, there is something about the beginning of summer that takes you back to this time of year as a kid. Everyone always had a new found energy at the beginning of the summer and there was excitement in the air as the weather was finally nice, the pools were open, and it was time to get started on all the plans that had been made for the summer ahead. Even though we’re not kids anymore and professionals don’t get the summer off (Why hasn’t anyone figured this out yet?), these warmer months are still an exciting time, and are the perfect opportunity to hit the refresh button in your professional life. While some businesses slow down this time of year, others get busy. Either way, you can tap into the energy of the warmer months and incorporate summer into your social strategy.  

Here are a couple of ways you can  incorporate summer into your social strategy:

Content Calendar

The start of a new season is the perfect time to check over your current editorial calendar and get one set up for the next few months ahead, if you haven’t already. Summer can be a pretty busy time of year, for both personal and professional reasons. It is an awesome time to experiment with different social media campaigns, and have some fun with your content. Incorporate all the summer holidays into your content strategy as well as the fun things that come along with summer like BBQ’s, vacations, days at the lake, and so much more. Also, take a look at what posting times are getting the highest engagement. Different times of year can change engagement rates, If engagement is low, try testing out new days and posting times and monitor your results.

Try Something New

If the summer is a slow time for your business, take this downtime to try something you have been putting off during the busy months. Have you wanted to try a new promotion or have been planning to put more effort into a specific social channel? Use the hot months to learn more about what you’ve been wanting to try, and put your plan in motion. Marketing is constantly evolving and changing, so staying up to date with the latest and greatest trends is crucial to your businesses success.

Show Some personality

People don’t want to follow companies on social media, they want to follow other people. If your brand is cold and boring on social media, no one will want to engage and follow along with your business. Showing some personality and showing the people that make up your company is an awesome way to keep followers engaged. Is one of your team members heading on an awesome vacation this summer? Let them post some pictures of their experience along the way! This shows a little bit of how the people of your company spend their time outside of the office, and also makes for great content.

While it is important to make sure your showing personality, it is also key to make sure your social profiles are all using a consistent voice. When multiple employees contributing to the content and posts on each platform, it is crucial they maintain a consistent voice. Keeping this voice friendly and relateable is also a great way to show your company’s human side and make connections with existing and potential customers.

Whether your business slows down this time of year, or if this is the busiest season of all, use some of these ideas to connect with customers and clients who probably get that childhood summer feeling as well. Freshening up your strategy can be done at anytime, however, there is a certain energy that comes along with summer that makes it a perfect time to start something new. So in between beach vacations and relaxing days at the pool, have some fun with your marketing strategy and heat things up this summer season!

About the Author

Cailyn_Chrystal_ProfileCailyn Chrystal is a Project Manager at 898 Marketing.  Cailyn develops strategies and manages implementation of content through social media channels for 898 Marketing and it’s clients, as well as optimization strategies for websites and content. Cailyn is a native of Youngstown, Ohio, and a graduate of Duquesne University where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing Communications.