Enjoy Each Day Without Regret

This weekend, I walked on the campus of Notre Dame with a friend of mine and he asked why I didn’t go here.  I told him the story and I mentioned that maybe if I could take it back, I would do it all over again by choosing to go to Notre Dame once they accepted my admissions request.  He looked at me and said, “Yeah, but you wouldn’t have all that you have and we wouldn’t be here together right now.” 


I laughed because he was right.  Usually, it is me saying that to Mimi or our daughters but, on that day, he said it to me and he was right!

We all look at things in our life with the thought of what could’ve been or might be.  We take time to sort through our experiences and wonder if we could take something back because of regrets or second thoughts over what we’ve done.  But what it comes down to is that we are all here, right now, going through whatever we are for a lesson.  Maybe it is a lesson in humility, one in compassion, an education in gratitude, or maybe it is just a moment of pure joy and acceptance.  Regardless, life is not meant to live in regrets; we are meant to live in the moment.

In order to do that, always keep in mind that there are only three things you can never take back once they happen:

  1. Words after you say them
  2. Time after it has passed
  3. Occasions to tell someone how you feel or what they mean to you

Keeping those three things in mind puts you in a position to enjoy life, to enjoy one another and, most importantly, to enjoy each day without regret.

I don’t regret where life has taken me because it brought me everything I need and right where I need to be, here with you, which is why, if you never need me, know that I’m always here for you.  Take it easy!