marketing campaigns and secret ingredients

The Secret Ingredient for Your Marketing Campaigns

There are several key ingredients that make any comprehensive advertising campaign successful, but much like your grandma’s famous recipes, there is a “secret ingredient” that pulls the campaign together — that secret ingredient is maintaining consistency.

As you begin prepping the necessary items and strategies, it is important to consider the campaign’s consistency across all channels. Maintaining consistency provides a consistent message to your target audience and offers something recognizable. Viewing a post on your Facebook page, seeing a programmatic ad, or viewing the ad on YouTube are all consistent ways your viewers may see your marketing campaigns. Consistency is the key to making a good campaign great, and here are some ways to achieve it.


Messaging is perhaps the most important aspect of achieving consistency. When you begin strategizing and developing your campaign, messaging is one of the first items to accomplish. Creating a message that is not only engaging but relevant across all platforms, is essential. So, no matter where a consumer sees your brand, there will be a recognizable and appealing message. 

Visual Elements

The next step is to consider the visual elements you will be using as part of your campaign. For consistency, it is important to consider the necessary colors, imagery, and themes, and make sure these items will be appropriate throughout each channel during the length of your campaign.

It is important that the visual aspects reflect the message you are conveying. You should also consider whether or not you will be including a video component as well, as many of these design elements will need to be applied to video. A consistent visual component gives consumers something they can instantly latch onto, and make a connection with your campaign. 

What Are the Appropriate Channels?

Once you have prepared a consistent message and visual elements, now it is time to decide the appropriate channels to advertise. Will this be a small social media campaign? If so, perhaps Facebook and Instagram will be enough. Is this a larger, more comprehensive campaign? Then you may need to consider programmatic ads, Google Ads, and other social media avenues such as Tik Tok and YouTube.

No matter the size of your campaign, you should choose where you will be most likely to find your target audience, and where your messaging and visuals will resonate the most. 

With all of these, it is important to consider your target audience, and how these elements will resonate with them. It is important for your message to not only be consistent, but appealing. If you consider messaging, visuals, and promotional channels, you will be on your way to creating a campaign that is both consistent and appealing. Remember, consistency is just as important as your grandmother’s secret ingredient!