If You Build It, They Won’t Come… Not Without an Invitation

I love baseball. I know that’s not something you hear very often these days, and, trust me, I have my issues with how it’s being played right now. But it’s my favorite sport, and my love for baseball includes movies about it, especially the classic, Field of Dreams. Kevin Costner hearing voices in his corn field encouraging him to plow …

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Maybe Winning Isn’t Everything

I’m not a person who likes to acknowledge or discuss losses. I have an older brother, and sports and competition were a huge part of my childhood. I hate to lose. I don’t like participation trophies, and I don’t believe the philosophy that you play to have fun. To quote one of my favorite Twitter follows, former ESPN analyst and …

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Writing Press Releases 101

As Media & Communications Manager, one of the biggest responsibilities of my job is writing press releases for not only our clients but also for 898 Marketing. From opening our new office to hiring new employees to gaining new clients, the news never stops around here.  One of the challenges many businesses face is spreading the word about events, sales, …

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A Blog About…Blogs

Have you ever had a task to complete with a deadline and directive and consistently hit roadblocks that stopped you along the way? No matter what you try, you become easily distracted and find yourself going back to this assignment over and over without much progress. I have… this blog.  This is the fifth topic I started blogging about. I’ve …

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