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A Blog About…Blogs

Have you ever had a task to complete with a deadline and directive and consistently hit roadblocks that stopped you along the way? No matter what you try, you become easily distracted and find yourself going back to this assignment over and over without much progress. I have… this blog. 

This is the fifth topic I started blogging about. I’ve moved from media planning to marketing strategies to holiday advertising. I’ve been easily distracted by other work and client emails, decorating the office for Christmas and dozens of other conversations that take place in our office on a daily basis, which mostly revolve around what everyone is eating for lunch. So, what did I discover and where did I land? Blogging is hard.

We’ve all seen websites with a section for blogs that haven’t had anything new posted in years. If you’re not updating and maintaining your website and its content on a regular basis, you’re doing your business and potential customers a disservice. It’s not enough to just have a website. Just like television and radio creative, social media posting, print ads, and all of your other marketing tactics, content should be updated regularly. 

Blogs are a great way to get your message out without a huge cost, and, not only tell the story of your business, but also give advice, tips and best practice information to your current and potential customers. But they can be time consuming, require additional planning for content and succinctly convey your message. 

If you’re already overwhelmed with everything on your plate, here are a few things we do to blog regularly and keep our website  current: 

  • Follow a schedule. We try to blog weekly. Sometimes other things come up which delay our posts because we have responsibilities to our clients and other work, but we do our best to stick to our schedule. Even a monthly blog can be effective.
  • Be creative. The best and worst part of blogging is that you can write about whatever. You don’t have to stick to a specific topic. You can blog about anything that comes to you which can make writing both easier and harder depending on where you stand. If you’re struggling for ideas, look around. Pick an upcoming holiday or current event and pull some thoughts together about them. 
  • Keep it conversational and interesting. There’s a difference between blogging and writing a formal article. Use your experiences to relate to your readers.
  • Find the right environment for you to write and be creative. If you’re struggling with distractions, get away from everything and get your thoughts together, listen to music or a podcast, or whatever environment helps you focus.

If I’ve learned anything over the last week, it’s that it’s much easier to write what you know. Use your expertise to craft a few hundred words about your business or industry to stay current and relevant across all of your media platforms. If you’re struggling, you aren’t alone. Keep going and you might come up with something and end up somewhere you didn’t expect… like a blog about blogs.


kelly_fertig_feature_imageKelly Fertig is the Media & Communications Manager at 898 Marketing. She is responsible for planning and executing media buys for a variety of clients as well as developing and cultivating relationships with local media outlets. A graduate of Youngstown State University, Kelly has over a decade of experience in media buying.