3 Things Young People Look For in an Employer

I have been a full-time employee at 898 Marketing for 6 months now, which is absolutely crazy to me. If you add in the time I’ve spent here as an intern, it will total up to around 9 months, and I am incredibly thankful to be a part of this team and company. Being here for this amount of time has led me to reflect on my start, and what drew me to 898 in the first place. After thinking about it for a while, I realized that what I valued in 898 Marketing is not unlike what others my age value in potential employers, which is why I would like to share a few things that young employees look for when finding an employer.




Being flexible with your work schedule is something that people my age search for when applying for jobs. Having balance between work and home is critical, so it’s important to remain flexible when things at home come up. Being flexible with their schedules also promotes personal and professional growth (which we will discuss in a minute). By allowing employees to grow personally, they will also grow professionally, which benefits the company and the employee in the long run.


Invest in Their Personal and Professional Growth


This is more about loyalty than anything. When a young individual, fresh out of school, hits the job market, they are looking for an employer who will commit to them for the long term. This means caring about them personally and professionally, and giving them opportunity for growth in these areas. At 898, we always talk about giving the best version of ourselves personally, because it carries over into everything we do at the office, and is something a young individual looks for. Once a company fully commits itself to an employee, they will receive mutual commitment.


The Right Culture


“Culture” is a buzzword in the business world that we hear all the time. In our office, we talk about culture often, both amongst ourselves and with our clients. It may seem cliche to hear about culture today since it’s always being discussed, but it is critically important, especially when hiring young employees. It is one of the first things they look for in a company, and encompasses flexibility, growth, values, and your brand, among others. If your company culture aligns with the potential employee’s values, chances are that you’ll have your next full-time hire.


While there are certainly more things that 23-year-old college graduates look for in a potential employer, these three are among the top. In a nutshell, finding balance between work and home and creating a culture with values that people can align themselves with will attract young employees to your company. I hope that these three topics give you a starting point when creating a strategy to hire young college graduates.



Zach Patton is an Assistant Account Manager at 898 Marketing.  As an Account Manager, Zach’s responsibilities include strategic development, creative concepting, market research and analysis, social media management, and content creation. Zach is a native of Youngstown, Ohio, and a graduate of John Carroll University where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.