Client Spotlight- Greenwood Chevrolet in Austintown and Hubbard Recognized as Green Dealers

Things are off to a great start for Greenwood Chevrolet in 2020, as they have received a Green Dealer Recognition by Green Dealer Support. The Hubbard and Austintown locations are the only dealerships in the area to be recognized as Green Dealers, and this is the third straight year that they have received the certification. They are the only dealerships in the area to receive the Green Dealer Recognition.

Greenwood Chevrolet has instituted several changes in order to promote sustainability in their dealerships and community. Since first receiving the certification three years ago, the dealerships have installed LED lights throughout the dealership and car lot, energy star certified appliances, free snacks in lieu of vending machines, and high-efficiency on-demand water heaters. The dealerships have also updated their HVAC systems to high-efficiency with programmable thermostats.

We are proud to work with a company who prioritizes environmental sustainability! Congratulations to the teams at both Greenwood Chevrolet dealerships for their efforts and achievement.