Why Graphic Design is Important to Your Business

Graphic design is “the art or profession of using design elements, such as typography and images, to convey information or create an effect.” Most people are visual consumers. Graphic design plays a huge role in the business’ market plan ranging from message delivery to user experience. When we see graphics, our brains store the details in two ways: one verbal and visual. This increases the individual’s chance of remembering the information of the business. 

The Power of Persuasion

It takes only a few seconds for individuals to build a bond with a brand. Graphic design is the art of persuasion, making the creative elements crucial to your businesses objectives. It is essential to have a convincing call to action. Persuading the audience to complete an action, bringing them along the journey of becoming a customer. It allows you to sell, invite, demonstrate, and inform visually through website, package, or logo design. Graphic design legitimizes your offering as a business and builds of your brand for long-term success.


It’s never too late or early to build your brand’s style guide. Your business’ style guide should be a starting point for creating every piece of marketing content that follows. It sets rules and guidelines for not only marketing agencies but as well for your team to follow for an overall aesthetic appeal and consistency. It is too easy for your brand image and tone of your communications to become inconsistent, making it difficult for your audience to recognize and understand your brand. Branding is the business’ DNA, it’s what makes the business unique. 


Aim for recognition and identification by using your designs the best way possible. Using the design process in a consistent and clever way, your business will be able to improve on the individuals wants and needs. Lack of decision making within the design process can lead to results of an unsuccessful business. Know your audience, know your company, and know your main objective.


Figuring out the best way to market your business can be difficult. You must think tactically and be able to predict your competitors next move. Graphics are a great way to emotionally connect to your audience. A business should always brainstorm an abundance of ideas to reach the suggested audience. Most of the time, the DIY strategies are not always the best answer for your business compared to consulting with a professional marketing company that specializes and excels in marketing and design. 
Developing a strong marketing strategy is essential for a successful business.  Creating a trademark image that effectively captures a specific target audience can have a dramatic effect on a business’s profitability.  Graphic designers are skilled in the art of creating a design that captures a consumer’s attention and persuades them to explore the product. When developing an image for a business, it is vital to design a product that can be used to carry a business’s message throughout the various forms of media.  Graphics play a significant role in the marketing strategies of successful businesses and can be used to promote a business through the art of imagery. 

About the Author

Caitlin Trotta is a Graphic Design Intern at 898 Marketing.  Caitlin works with our Graphic Design Manager, Jackie, and the rest of our team to create designs and graphics for our clients. Caitlin is a current student at Kent State University. She will graduate from Kent State in the winter with a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication Design and a minor in Advertising and Photo Illustration.