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3 Marketing Trends We Loved in 2023

2023 has certainly come and gone as a new year swiftly approaches. Join us as 898 Marketing takes a look back on our favorite 2023 marketing trends and how we expect them to evolve in 2024.

The Year of Reels

Video content marketing is here to stay. Since the rise of TiKTok during the COVID-19 pandemic, other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook jumped on the trend with the introduction of their own integrated video platform called Reels. Reels are now the new norm for social media users with content creators constantly striving to go viral or increase their following. There are currently 2.35 billion monthly active users for Reels and, according to a Hootsuite study in 2022, up to 675.3 million users can be reached through ads on Reels.

While some companies may not have a service or product that can be displayed through Reels, there are many ways to create video content that is informational or educational. 

Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing is a trend that we think is here to stay. Consumers value when a brand has a personality, and companies have been attempting to seem informational yet comical through social media efforts. Corporate mega chains like Wendy’s and Taco Bell have achieved this goal through efforts on X (formerly Twitter) with witty replies and quick responses to customers. While conversational marketing has been on the rise for years, more companies are hopping on the trend and using social media as a conversational platform rather than strictly promotional. 

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Short-Form Content

Have you noticed less 3-minute ads on your feed and more ads that last just 30 seconds or less? Short-form content increased in popularity this year with more and more companies getting straight to the point. Video product quality is more important than ever now that videos are shorter and consumer attention spans are limited. In fact, the average attention span for consumers is 8.25 seconds— that’s less than one third of your brand’s 30-second video ad! 

While everyone is different, video content is generally easier for consumers to remember information.

Think of it this way: You’re scrolling through Facebook and come across a static ad from a laundry detergent company. The ad has a picture of a smiling family with text explaining why that laundry detergent is better than others. You’re most likely going to scroll past it or at least not finish reading the text.

Adversely, you are scrolling through and come across a video from that same laundry detergent company. The video is short and sweet with a narration of what makes that detergent superior to its competitors. You’re likely drawn in by the narrator’s chipper voice, the family’s smiling faces and the dynamic colors of the video. Boom— you’re clicking on the link to purchase the product. 

Did you incorporate any of these 2023 marketing trends?

If you missed out on incorporating any of these marketing trends into your 2023 plans, don’t fret! A new year is just around the corner and now is a perfect time to solidify what trends you want to play on (or what trends you want to start!). The experts at 898 Marketing are always searching for the latest marketing trends and helping our clients choose which works best for their missions.