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3 Ways to Make Your Summer Marketing a Big Splash

Summer is the perfect time to try the latest trends to promote your business and reach new audiences. Not sure where to start? Let us help! Here are three ways to make sure your summer marketing campaigns the talk of every summer party this season. 

1. It’s O.K. to Be Playful — Find a Pun and Run With It

Who doesn’t love a good play on words? If you want to test out a new campaign or try to pique your audience’s interest, being witty can definitely help. Try brainstorming with your team a few words that relate to your brand and then do some research on connected puns. We recommend Pun Generator for some quick, fun results. 

Don’t stress about being “too silly” for your brand— being playful from time to time with your audience is actually beneficial to your business. In fact, people naturally respond well to playful marketing because it reaches deep into our subconscious.

You are more likely to remember a funny advertisement and feel positive about that product or service versus a more stagnant ad. In psychology terms, this can be considered as peripheral route persuasion. This type of persuasion takes into account everything outside of the actual service or product itself. Consumers may be influenced by attractiveness or the way a company presents its messaging.  

2. Create Some Reels for Your Summer Marketing Campaign

Reels can be underutilized and underestimated in terms of their marketing power. Instagram and Facebook both have Reels incorporated into their platforms, so don’t be afraid to cross post your Reels for more exposure. 

If your company is running a sale or wants to feature a specific product, try creating a Reel centered around that. Consumers want to see what makes your brand relatable or different from the rest. Capturing short video clips around your office or store and compiling them into Reels is a great way to start if you’re new to video creation. 

We get it…not everyone enjoys being on camera. However, getting the faces behind your company out onto your social media can help boost engagement and attract your audience. People love to see people— especially the ones they know! There are ways to incorporate trends into your brand promotion while including your staff like this one. 

3. Connect With Your Community

It’s easy to jump to the conclusion that you need to post more on social media or create a mailer for your audience when you need to boost sales, but oftentimes face-to-face, grassroots marketing goes by the wayside. This summer, we challenge you to get more involved in your community whether that be through volunteering or fundraiser events. 

Sending a couple representatives from your company to local events allows natural networking opportunities for your staff while also getting your brand’s name out there.

Maybe there’s a local business person looking for someone to make their new website, a recent college graduate looking for a job or even a family of four looking for fun activities to do on these hot, summer days. Whether your company is looking to sell something or hire its next great employee, you can get a jump start on other companies by attending and socializing at community events.