Digital Marketers Should Be Prepared for the Next Sports Equinox

To a huge sports fan, like myself, the “Sports Equinox” has a holiday-like feeling that keeps folks glued to their seats and eyes locked on the television. To the casual observer, though, the Sports Equinox does not mean a whole lot. If you are a digital marketer and have not heard of this rare, yet totally thrilling, day on the sports calendar, it might be time to learn about the advertising opportunities that this spectacle presents. 

The Sports Equinox is when all four major sports leagues – NFL, MLB, NHL, and the NBA – all compete on the same day. It tends to occur in the Fall when baseball wraps up with the World Series and while basketball and hockey get started. Since 1971, there have only been 24 Sports Equinoxes, so you can see why this day has major implications for advertisers and sports fans alike. 

So how does this glorious day of incredible athletes competing against each other at the highest level of competition affect digital marketers? Savvy digital marketing professionals can leverage the fact that millions of people will be locked on their televisions all day, and use that to help build brand awareness with video and Connected TV (CTV) campaigns. CTV refers to ads served on a smart TV or any internet connected device that can access premium content, such as live sports. Here’s how digital marketers can take advantage of video and CTV.

The Rise of Streaming

Thanks to the rise of streaming, live sports are more accessible than ever. Advertising on these live events did not go away, advertisers simply had to adjust. CTV and video solutions are just a couple examples of adjustments that have been made since streaming’s rise to prominence. With streaming becoming a preferred medium for viewing live sports, there are now more eyes on these events, even on the average NFL Sunday. So, with more people than ever tuning in on their preferred streaming service or television channel, marketers should take advantage of the potential impressions.

Strategic Programmatic Campaigns

Using highly targeted programmatic strategies will put your brand in the best position to take advantage of the Sports Equinox. Instead of blasting impressions to an audience that may or may not be interested in what you’re selling, programmatic campaigns can filter out wasted impressions and only serve impressions to people who have shown interest in your product based on their past online behavior. This is perfect for people who stream games on a website via their laptop, computer, or any smart device. Just make sure you can grab their attention, before they grab their halftime snack!

The sports equinox is the perfect opportunity to advertise your product display across all of the major sports. Don’t be that marketer who sits on the sidelines. Make sure you get into the game so you don’t miss out! 


Matt Daprile is a full-time Digital Account Coordinator at 898 Marketing. As a Digital Account Coordinator, Matt is responsible for implementing digital marketing software, data tracking, and digital campaign management for 898 Marketing and our clients. Matt is a Poland, Ohio native, and holds a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Communications from The Ohio State University.