How To Make The Most of Your Internship Experience

Every internship is an opportunity to learn more about your field and yourself. It’s important to take advantage of every chance to acquire a new skill during your time at your internship and make connections with the people you work with. Through learning different skills, you may find a knack and love for a specific position that you had never even considered before. While making connections with those you work with, you will likely have an easier time helping them with tasks and working beside them on projects, learning more about what they do as you go.

For me, graduating college without any prior internship experience due to the Coronavirus pandemic left me feeling a bit confused when it came to the area of marketing I wanted to work in. It felt as if I was behind in comparison to my peers, who knew exactly what department in their field they wanted to work in. Once I was offered an internship here at 898, I immediately jumped at the opportunity. Initially, I wanted to work in social media management. It always seemed like something I wanted to do, and I almost forgot that there were other options for me. I was so focused on social media that I disregarded how much I love to write and create. If it weren’t for my internship and learning how to write press releases, blog posts, and do creative writing, I don’t think I would have ever thought to pursue a career in this department.

In my opinion, some of the best things you can do during an internship is ask for help if you need it, ask to help, and ask to learn. Asking for help will only move you forward in your career and asking for help during your internship will help you get used to asking for help in your future profession. Everyone needs help sometimes, especially when you’re learning. Asking to help is essential in the process of learning new skills. Through helping, you can develop background knowledge of a skill or create a good basis for yourself to start learning said skill. Once you ask to help, ask to learn. Having prior knowledge of the skill already puts you one step ahead, but it is very likely that your peers or co-workers will be more than willing to teach you and help you learn the skill as well. We can’t all teach ourselves everything on our own, and that is exactly what an internship is for.

In an internship position, it is so important to be a sponge and soak up every single bit of new information you receive. Getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things will be so beneficial to your growth as a young professional and may lead you to new opportunities that you never expected. It can be intimidating to try something that you’ve never done before, but you may end up loving it. If I could give everyone one bit of advice, it would be to try everything at least once. You never know where taking that small step could lead you in the long run.

About The Author

Morgan Lewis graduated from The Ohio State University in May 2021 with a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences while majoring in Communications. During her time at 898 Marketing, Morgan will assist with content creation including blogs, press releases, and social media posts.