A Day in the Life of an 898 Marketing Intern


Starting your first internship is an exciting and nerve racking experience, at least for me it was. I did not know what to expect or what I would be doing while working for the agency, but I knew I was excited to start! Social media marketing is what I want to pursue as a future career, so I knew this internship would be a very valuable resource to learn new information, and so far it has been. I would like to share a day in the life of a marketing intern at 898 Marketing, from my experience, so other interns can be informed about what to expect before they start. 


Writing is a crucial part of the internship role, which is a great opportunity to enhance writing skills both creatively and professionally. Before working at 898 Marketing, I never thought about how the majority of websites that have blog posts are written by ghostwriters. I have had the opportunity to write blogs for many different clients in different industries. This has allowed me to take on unique writing styles to match the brand and tone the company is trying to portray. 

Another form of writing, more on the creative side, is for social media posts. So far, I had the opportunity to create content for two clients, one in healthcare and the other for a country club. Social media content is usually short write ups, with only important information, along with a graphic. When brainstorming content for an account, it is a great idea to use a content calendar. Utilizing this has made it easier for me to be more creative with the posts I create, and more organized. Regardless of what tasks I complete, writing of some form is always involved. 


Everyone always says that communication is key, and that is true for almost every aspect of life, especially in a professional team setting. The office is very collaborative, so I am participating in internal communication with other interns, managers, and other co-workers on a daily basis. Asking questions is such an important part of the role and is a great way to learn new information. If I need clarification, I always ask questions, and everyone has been very happy to assist me. Another form of internal communication is when I am collaborating with someone in the office on a task for a client. We will have small team meetings to discuss what needs to be done and the best way to execute the plan to meet the deadline. Always be open to communicating with co-workers on any projects that need to be completed. 

A more professional form of communication that I utilize on a daily basis is sending emails. If they are to someone in the office with an update on a task, it is usually more informal. However, when sending emails out to clients, it is important to keep a professional tone and send it to someone else in the office to proofread, usually a manager. I have had the opportunity to help run a social media platform for female physicians that will be ongoing for the duration of my internship. This includes emailing physicians in the area to learn more about them so I can showcase them on the platforms. 

Time Management

Staying organized by writing down deadlines is crucial to success in a professional office setting. I am assigned tasks daily that almost always have a deadline to meet, so I always check with someone to make sure I do not miss one. Also, as an intern I have worked on many different tasks and sometimes have more than one assignment to work on at one time. I have utilized my time management skills regularly to devote enough time to each project to complete it in a timely manner. 

A day in the life of a marketing intern is pretty interesting and unique because no day looks the same. I am always trying new things for clients and have different topics that I write about for each client. My best advice is to embrace every opportunity and give everything a try to learn what you like now. This opportunity to work for 898 Marketing is one that is a very valuable step in my professional development. 

About The Author


Shelby Byrne is a student at Youngstown State University and expects to graduate in December 2022 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. At 898 Marketing, Shelby will work with various clients to develop blogs and social media content as well as working with the digital team on Google and SEO projects.