Selling Yourself: The Importance of Building A Personal Brand

Your personal brand is a complete extension of who you are and what you stand for. It is what differentiates you from competition. Authenticity is key in personal branding, so you want to showcase your genuine true self to your audience and your customers. As a current college student, personal brand is everything. Moving forward in life to find a career, you must have a clean social image because many employers do research on their job candidates prior to interviews. According to a CareerBuilder survey conducted in 2018, “70% of employers screen candidates by checking their social media, and 43% use it to check on current workers.” 

Social Media

A key question to ask yourself is:

Who are you? Better yet, how do others view you? 

Building your personal brand is important. In a society where social media fuels communication and self-image, your online presence should allow others to view you positively. Social media can have an immense impact on your personal brand. Your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts can portray a positive or negative image of yourself based on the posts and photos you have published. Do you have a clear photo as your profile picture that gives an accurate representation of yourself? An employer can build an opinion on you before you even walk in the door. 


However, physical appearance should also be considered. Based on the situation, you should dress appropriately. Wear business casual clothing to interviews, as you are a direct representation of the company you work for. You shouldn’t wear the same clothes you wear to the gym to work. Be mindful of your appearance, especially when you are in a professional setting. 


Your personal brand allows you to market yourself to employers or an audience. This can lead to new job opportunities and pay increases. High school students should also make sure they have marketable social accounts, especially if they are looking to go to a competitive college. College admissions counselors will narrow down their selection immensely after reviewing social media accounts of potential students. Your social media accounts could be the difference in getting accepted to the college of your dreams.

However, personal brand extends further than social accounts. When speaking to others, how do you present yourself? Be confident yet humble when conversing with anyone. A conversation can go a long way; you never know what connection you will make. This helps build your personal network and form new relationships. 

Personal Branding can also help you if you were to run a business. It can prove that you have established credibility among your community. People naturally gravitate to people with positive energy. Therefore, by having a positive attitude you are more likely to connect with others. Within today’s sensitive political climate, make sure you really think about your business operations and the message you are trying to illustrate. Successful businesses are best made from people who have established credibility and a positive social standing. 

Leaving a lasting impression on the people you want to impress. Be cognizant of what you are posting and how it will affect your future. “Loyalty is not won by being first. It is won by being best.” – Stefan Persson


About The Author

Ivan Bosnjak is a student at Youngstown State University and expects to graduate in May 2023 with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. At 898 Marketing, Ivan will assist the video production team with shooting and editing various projects, and the digital team with a variety of initiatives including reporting, search, and optimization.