Tips for an Effective Marketing Campaign

There are many exciting things about working for a marketing agency, but one of the most enjoyable aspects is creating a complete campaign for your clients. Developing campaigns is fun, exciting, fulfilling, and generates some incredible results for the businesses you work with. Creating campaigns, though, requires a lot of hard work and collaboration between team members. To help you in developing your next marketing campaign, here are a few things you should keep in mind to make sure it runs as effectively as possible.


Have a Game Plan

As with anything, it is important to have a plan of everything you will need to develop your campaign fully. Do you need video elements? Some graphics help? What social media and traditional media channels will be used? These are just a few questions you should ask yourself as you work on your campaign. You should create a proper timeline, execution, and tracking plan for your campaign’s rollout. This will give you and your team a clear direction moving forward.



Once you’ve made a game plan and know what you need, it’s time for you and your team to start working together to create ideas for your campaign. Here, you can start brainstorming creative ideas for video, graphics, social media, and PR promotion. This is when your team will bring their strengths together and start creating something exciting for your client!


Strong Execution

Now that you’ve created a game plan and agreed on the ideas you’d like to move forward with, it is time to get to work. Here, everyone from video to graphics to digital will begin doing what they do in order in order to create a memorable campaign. It is also important to have people available to double check work, so that your material is mistake-free and ready to be promoted. 



Your plan has been created, your team has collaborated, and everyone has executed their job to perfection. Your campaign is up and running, so what now? Well, it’s time to start tracking. When you create your game plan, you should identify some quantifiable metrics to determine the success of your campaign. These metrics can be anything, from engagement to sales, so make sure you know what to pay attention to while your campaign is running. Tracking the numbers allows you to identify necessary changes that must be made, and give you a snapshot of how effective it was.


Now that you’ve followed these tips, your next campaign is sure to be wildly successful. All you have to remember is to have a plan, collaborate with your team, execute effectively, and track the numbers. Have fun creating your next advertising campaign!



Zach Patton is an Assistant Account Manager at 898 Marketing.  As an Account Manager, Zach’s responsibilities include strategic development, creative concepting, market research and analysis, social media management, and content creation. Zach is a native of Youngstown, Ohio, and a graduate of John Carroll University where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.