Tuesdays With Ryz: We Can Only Do So Much

We can only do so much. That’s the challenge most people deal with on a daily basis. While we give and give and give, we find it’s just not enough for the world around us. We try to do more than we are supposed to instead of focusing on simply doing what we are supposed to.

Maybe it’s because we’re looking for the praise of someone in our lives or our 30 seconds of fame on social media. Or maybe it’s because we’re trying to get that bonus or promotion from our boss as a “Go Getter.” Or maybe, just maybe, it is because we are constantly searching for a way to do all the good we can in the world to make it better.

While altruistic and noble, this is a flawed approach. There is no way we can sustain this level of performance, nor should we.

The challenges of the world we encounter rely on us, not to solve them all or to take them away, but rather, they look for us to give whatever we can and do whatever we can to make it a little better. When we realize that we can’t do all the good the world needs and start to focus on the fact that the world simply needs all the good that we can do, THAT is when we realize our place and significance in the world around us.

We all are significant in this world – significant to people and events that create coexistence and greatness. Realizing your involvement and impact on the world is significant and allows you to simply focus on the small ways you can make a big difference by doing them to the best of your abilities.

Simply being the best version of you every day is all that matters. Nothing more… nothing less.