Tuesdays With Ryz- Is This It?

Is this it?  Is this all life has to offer now?  Many of us have asked this as our world, both our own personal bubble and collective society, is shaken to its core.  While news media outlets, social media and outward signs of expressions from people of all opinions cloud our feeds and freedoms, we are left asking what will become of our lives?  What will become of our country?  While we ask these questions, we find comfort in the fact that our core guiding principles of this country were founded on one thing: a belief that we can have something better.
As we celebrate Independence Day this weekend, remember to celebrate it.  This country may not be perfect, but our forefathers knew it and made sure that we talked and listened to take action to make it better than what they found.  While it may be challenging now, you have to believe that things will get better.  You have to believe that deep inside of you, you were born to do more than survive or make a living and then simply pass the baton on to your offspring.  Each of us was created with a gift inside of us that is trapped, waiting to get out.  Your responsibility in this country is not to just perform the job you are being paid to do…it is to find that gift inside you and serve it up, making this country a better place than how you found it.  Right now, things are challenging but if all us just remember to find a small way to make the world around us better, then the lives we are worried about will feel like they do matter.