Tuesday’s with Ryz- On the Front Line

The charcoal was lit. The hot dogs and hamburgers were ready. The pools were open (for the most part) and the heat was on this past weekend. Memorial Day finally arrived and brought with it a freedom to return to some normalcy, as the weather pushed us out of the house with a taste of summer.  This year, this holiday seems to take on a different tone and meaning. While we enjoyed this day with family and friends (from a safe, social distance of course), it served as a reminder of not only the freedoms that have slowly returned after Covid-19, but honoring the memory of those who sacrificed their lives for those freedoms. The brave men and women who served in our Armed Forces have given more for us than we can ever imagine. And while we continue to recognize, thank and honor the front line workers who did their part to make sure we safely return to the activities we love to do during this holiday by treating Covid-19 patients, symptoms, and outbreaks, we must not forget the other heroes who were on a different front line.  From Germany to Japan, from Vietnam to Iraq, from Afghanistan to Korea and everywhere else stationed across the globe, we remember the front line soldiers who gave their lives to make this one nation, under God, as the land of the free and home of the brave. I hope, as you took a bite of your hot dog or sipped the cold beverage of your choice, you took a minute to remember the people who fought for you to enjoy this day and the families they left behind so that you can be with yours.