#89Ate – Stonebridge Grille and Tavern

From casual appetizers to delicious entrees, Stonebridge Grille & Tavern in Boardman specializes in American cuisine that will have every member of your family begging to come back for more. Located on Route 224 next to Handel’s Ice Cream, the bistro-inspired menu and interior offers a relaxed atmosphere for you to enjoy your meal. Our team took advantage of Stonebridge’s …

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#89Ate – Napa Grocery

Inspired by popular cooking methods from around the world, Napa Grocery is anything but a standard grocery store and deli. Nunzio Scordo and Aaron Hynek, the owners and head chefs of Napa Grocery, came from Florida to create a store that specializes in high quality prepared food, without the need to order takeout from restaurants. The result is Napa Grocery, …

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#89Ate – You Me Oui

Part cafe, part interior design studio, You Me Oui is more than just a place to relax and have coffee with your friends. Located near Burke Decor, this unique shop gives you the opportunity to enjoy some cafe-style treats and beverages while you speak with the interior design experts that work there. Though chatting about interior design was tempting, our …

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How To Make The Most of Your Internship Experience

Every internship is an opportunity to learn more about your field and yourself. It’s important to take advantage of every chance to acquire a new skill during your time at your internship and make connections with the people you work with. Through learning different skills, you may find a knack and love for a specific position that you had never …

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Cockeye bbq

#89Ate – Cockeye Barbecue

We’ve brought up our appreciation of American barbecue in past 89Ate reviews, most notably our Barry Dyngles review. Zach’s affinity for meat smokers, Bill’s appreciation for the cuisine, and our team’s desire to try each barbecue restaurant from the area has led us to Cockeye Barbecue in Warren. A fast-casual restaurant, Cockeye has become famous in the area for its …

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High Octane Coffee


Modern coffee shops are defined by very relaxed atmospheres, often branding themselves as relaxing little shops where you can enjoy a classic morning brew. High Octane Coffee Company, located in Boardman, takes the idea of the traditional American coffee shop and gives it a caffeinated jolt, creating a completely one-of-a-kind experience. At High Octane, not only will you find some …

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Boosting Your Brand Through Social Media Engagement

Over the past couple years, brands have dramatically changed the way they use social media to build a following and promote their product, service, or image. The ever-changing digital world continues to bring new features to different social platforms to enhance the way marketers use the sites. In addition to traditional posts, we now have the option to post Stories, …

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