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Digital Marketing Campaigns: What’s Worth the Wait?

Last year, I shamelessly ordered an Iron Man Helmet with voice commands and motorized faceplates. Who wouldn’t want it? After multiple delays and a predetermined six to eight month waiting period, the helmet arrived after 11 months. So, what’s the lesson here? Good digital marketing campaigns make the product worth the wait.

Social media has the potential to catapult brands and individuals into worldwide influencers, which is why digital marketing campaigns must be executed correctly. Social media accounts rarely go from 10 to 10,000 followers overnight. Digital marketing campaigns take time to collect the necessary data to reach the right audience. The right logo has to be worked on for hours. The things that will be good for your brand are absolutely worth the time put in and the waiting period for them to succeed. So, how do you go about promoting your brand instead of just waiting for the right people to find your business?

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The goal

My goal with ordering the helmet was to obtain an item that I thought was too cool not to have (goal achieved). If we use digital marketing campaigns as our example, you need to define the realistic parameters for success. How long should you wait for results? Who is your target audience? What creative elements are going to be a part of this campaign? And any other questions you may have about what success will mean for your campaign. Brands should always want to position themselves as a top competitor in order to attract consumers.

The Plan

The key to making the wait worth the time is the correct plan. For the ridiculous helmet I keep bringing up, the key was to obtain the item within a reasonable amount of time. My plan was to stay in contact with the store so that I would know what to expect. Let’s continue to use a digital marketing campaigns as our example here: If you’re running a programmatic campaign with the right targeting, but your customers aren’t converting, you might need to consider adding complementary platforms to the campaign. Is it on social media or Google Search? This isn’t something you want to determine on the fly, so plan ahead. This will make the wait worth your time. A programmatic campaign won’t succeed overnight (at least not most), so anticipate success later, and be patient as your consumers continue to navigate towards your brand.

The Wait 

Now that you have the right plan, how long should you wait to see success? For me and Tony Stark’s greatest creation, I would’ve waited a year before I lost hope and canceled the order. This can be difficult to determine, but a brand marketing on the programmatic/digital side for the first time should see real results within about 3 months. However, not every campaign or business will experience this turnaround. Be patient and stick to your marketing plan within a reasonable time frame.

Waiting is a part of the journey: you get to see who is interested in your brand, tinker with the targeting, and see the growth of your business! Enjoy the wait, it will be worth it. For your consumer, opening a package you’ve been long awaiting can be worth it for them, and waiting to see the success of your campaign can be worth it for you, too. 

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