No Designer, No Problem: Easy-to-Use Design Platforms to Help Your Business

In a world of constant stimulus from phones, TVs, and computers, the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” has never been more true. Creating graphics for your business’ social media account can help increase engagement and effectiveness, thereby growing your business and your following. A graphic designer’s job is to make their client’s graphics stand out amongst thousands of others. 

Not every business has the capacity to have an in-house graphic designer or hire a freelancer, but that doesn’t mean your business can’t have well-designed graphics. A show stopping graphic can be made many different ways, and lucky for you, there are many free or affordable apps and programs that can help you make graphics for your business account yourself. 


Burgan_Image_BlogAdobe Spark

My favorite social media tool I use everyday is Adobe Spark, an easy to use online and mobile app that allows you to create stunning social graphics, short videos, gifs and more. This platform is great because it offers editable templates that you can personalize without having to come up with an original design. The most valuable tool Adobe Spark offers is the “brand” tool. You can pick your business colors, fonts, and upload logos and images, and Adobe Spark will generate posts “branded” for your business that you can edit and personalize further. For Burgan Real Estate, I integrate their brown color, logo, and a uniform font into all of their posts.


Canva and Others

Another great platform anyone can use is Canva. Canva is a graphic design platform used to create social media graphics along with presentations, posters, and other print and visual content. Similar to Adobe Spark, the app includes premade templates available to use and personalize. The platform is free to use but also offers paid subscriptions for more advanced features. Some other free platforms include Pixlr or Tyle that can help you create eye-catching social media graphics. 

Creating graphics for your business’ social media account doesn’t have to be scary. They can actually be fun and simple to make. Finding useful tools like Adobe Spark or other design platforms can take your account from one in a thousand to the one in a thousand that people look forward to seeing on their feed.


ABOUT THE AUTHORMadeliene_Abrigg_Headshot

Maddie Abrigg is a Graphic Designer at 898 Marketing. As a member of our design team, Maddie is responsible for fulfilling design needs for us and our clients, including logos, ads, digital and social elements, rebranding initiatives, and more. Maddie is a native of  Canfield, Ohio, and a graduate of Mount Union, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in both Graphic Design and Studio Art.