Tuesdays With Ryz- The Mind is a Powerful Tool

The mind is a powerful tool.  Think about it… it is the ULTIMATE multi-tasker. It is your Swiss Army Knife in life, but, like any useful tool, it needs to be sharpened, honed, and maintained to make sure that it is up to any challenge it needs to conquer. The mind is no different. When a mind is weak, the situations you encounter become a problem. However, when your mind is balanced, the situation is viewed as more of a challenge, or something that can be overcome and worked on. Moreover, when you have a mind that is strong, EVERY situation you encounter becomes an opportunity where you WILL be successful. In our office, we make sure to choose our words carefully for this reason. Problems are opportunities and errors are lessons. More importantly, every encounter allows us to learn and sharpen our mind. Apple taught us to “Think Differently,” and, in today’s world, it is something we all can agree is necessary. If we are able to do this each and every day, it will provide us with opportunities we never knew existed.