Greenwood Extra Mile Stories

Client Spotlight: Greenwood Chevrolet’s Extra Mile Stories

Last month, 898 Marketing helped Greenwood Chevrolet in Austintown launch their new “Extra Mile Stories” campaign, which featured real Greenwood customers telling their stories. Learn more about how Greenwood went the Extra Mile for Eric, Kim, Kayla, and Louis:

Family comes first at Greenwood, and no one understands that like Eric Rothbauer. Eric has been driving Chevrolet vehicles for the past 20 years, and now his four children are driving Chevys as well. Eric said he goes to Greenwood because, “They help you, not sell you.” For the past decade, Eric has worked with Tim DeMain to find the right vehicles for him and his family. Tim, being a family man himself, is committed to helping people find the right vehicle no matter who he’s helping. He’s easy to talk to and, first and foremost, knowledgeable about the products he’s putting his customers into. Thank you, Eric for being a loyal customer and Tim for being one of the fine sales consultants at Greenwood Chevrolet.

Kimberly Simmons is a popular face at Greenwood Chevrolet with the finance department and the salesmen on the floor. Greenwood is convenient and close to her making it easy when her vehicle needs serviced. Recently Kimberly purchased a 2020 Chevy Tahoe for her job. Kim said, “I’m treated like family and like love,” when she is at Greenwood for any reason. She works with Roger Thurman, who knows exactly what she wants, and has built a personal relationship with him and the finance manager at Greenwood. Roger made sure she saw all of the options the Tahoe offers, kept her in her price range, and is always making sure she is comfortable with her decision before leaving the dealership. Roger and Greenwood are here to build those relationships with all their customers.

Greenwood Chevrolet is here to serve anyone in the market for a new or used vehicle. Kayla Nespeca just purchased a new 2020 Chevy Trax. Kayla wasn’t sure where she would go to look for her next vehicle upgrade, but her father told her to check out Greenwood Chevrolet because of the experience he had. She took his word for it, and it was the right decision for her. She worried about her budget, not knowing if she could get something new or big enough like she was hoping for. Kevin Lawson was her sales consultant who was very patient, friendly, and made her feel comfortable with her child by her side. Kevin made sure she was leaving the dealership in the car she wanted! He focused on getting Kayla into something affordable, stylish, and spacious enough for her and her child. That’s exactly what happened thanks to Kevin and Greenwood Chevrolet.

Louis Fernandez just purchased his dream truck, a new 2020 Silverado from Greenwood Chevrolet. The comfort, style and functionality of the truck is exactly what Louis wanted, and Greenwood was there to make his dream come true. Paul Kello helped Louis find the best truck in his budget at the best deal possible. Louis said, “Paul was a really nice guy, very professional and patient.”