Tuesdays with Ryz: An Infection We All Need

The worry continues to build and grow.  Are we safe enough to go back “normal?” Will we be ready to handle the new rules and guidelines?  What will the world look like?  The infection that has quarantined us for over a month has no expiration, but our country is getting ready to flip the “CLOSED” sign to “OPEN.”  In the midst of this, we need to focus our attention on safety and on being mindful of how we behave, interact and go about our daily life.  As the infection continues to silently do the same, because it is still ever present in our world, let us focus on a different type of infection.  Let us focus on infecting others with hope, that everyone does their part to behave and conduct business and personal engagements with sensitivity, awareness and mindfulness of others.  Let us focus on infecting people with positivity and confidence to face each day with an optimism that the better days we all hoped for have arrived.  Let us focus on infecting people with kindness, remembering that just because we have opened up the doors of our economy, that there are people who are in need of resources to continue on, which may even be a simple smile that is hidden behind a mask.  But most of all, let us focus on infecting the spirit of the great country with the work ethic, determination, tenacity and unwavering commitment to opportunity that built this country on a principle that united, we are much better and stronger than divided.  These types of infections are ones that will not weaken us, but make us realize the last month and a half were not time spent suffering, but time spent preparing to be grateful for the way of life that was suppressed for the good of others.  And now, as we slowly go back to rebuilding our country, the way we approach this re-opening will determine how good it will be for others as well.  Be safe.