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Event Marketing: It's Still Important

Event Marketing is a promotional- marketing strategy that gives a company direct interaction with its customers at special events like fairs, sporting events, and community events. The purpose of event marketing is for a company to use their experiences to teach potential or current customers about the products, services, or the company itself. Today, many marketers don’t think event marketing is still important. Instead many assume that digital marketing has taken over. That is not true, event marketing still has a very important purpose and is key for any business’s marketing efforts. 

Why is Event Marketing Important? 

Today, customers love to build a connection with the brands they are loyal to. Event marketing is a great opportunity for a company to engage with its customers, allow potential customers to gain a better understanding of an organization’s products or services, establish relationships, and increase brand awareness. Event marketing makes one’s company a part of the community and the customer’s world. Another great benefit of event marketing is free advertising that a company will get by people talking, writing, and reading about that company. 

What Makes Event Marketing Different Than Traditional Advertising? 

Marketing today has changed immensely compared to what it was 10 years ago. So many different marketing tactics and strategies have truly changed what people perceive marketing as. But, at the end of the day, marketing will always be defined as the exchange of relationships between an organization and its customers. 
Event marketing is a great opportunity for a company to build valuable relationships with more than just their customers. Different kinds of events can attract many people to attend rather than just working professionals. 
Besides events themselves, event marketing can also help your employees’ attitudes with a few hours out of the office. One of the bigger problems facing today’s workplace is the happiness of employees. By getting out of a work environment for a few hours, can really help boost employees’ positivity and give them a break from the office. Events can also get employees to interact with co-workers and event attendees. 

Event Marketing Strategies That Are Effective

Networking Events
Hosting a networking event can be one of the best ways for a company to grow its business. The purpose of networking events is for professionals to meet and connect. This type of event benefits every individual that is in attendance for many reasons. A networking event can also bring up opportunities with professionals who may be able to help you. Besides the career- type benefits, hosting a networking event is a key marketing strategy in establishing brand recognition. 
Lunch and Learn
A lunch and learn event is a great opportunity for professionals to get together and share their experiences and skills. Lunch and learns are in a very casual, informal environment where professionals get to socialize with other professionals. Many lunch and learns are group sessions where working professionals, employed in different industries, share their stories. 
Another type of lunch and learn can be an event where potential customers attend a company-provided lunch to learn about that company’s products, services, and the company’s history. This is a great way for potential customers to learn about one’s company and its mission.
Community Events
Whether it is organizing a 5K run, hosting a community-wide volunteer day, or setting up a food festival, community events are a great way to bring everyone together. Many people think that community events are just for nonprofits but that is not true! While this also shows that one’s organization cares about the community and will go to show efforts in community positivity, a community event can strengthen the organization’s image. Community involvement also sets your organization apart from larger brands. In today’s generation, people are tending to buy locally and support smaller businesses. 
Event marketing is a valuable strategy for all types of businesses. Whether it may be sponsoring a community event, organizing a local 5K, or attending an event to promote your company, event marketing can truly help your company grow in the right direction. Throughout my experience with event marketing, I have seen a company’s reputation grow stronger, brand awareness has increased, and sales have boosted. Besides the benefits of event marketing, it is also a fun way to get your employees out of the office and set their minds to other responsibilities. Next time your company is thinking of marketing strategies, strongly consider event marketing.

About the Author

Steph_Virgalitto_ProfileStephanie Virgalitto is a Social Media Intern at 898 Marketing.  Stephanie is currently gaining experience with creative development, market research, video production, and social media marketing strategies. Stephanie is a native of Austintown, Ohio and a current student at Youngstown State University, where she will receive her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in December.