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About this project
Steel City Anesthesia, a Midwest anesthesia management service organization, was looking to expand its business nationally. To do this, they needed to develop a more aggressive, digitally supported approach that both informed inpatient and outpatient facilities about their services in a newly designed website and drove leads in areas they were looking to expand. 898 Marketing was called upon to make this vision a reality.

Client Request
To help integrate a digital approach to lead generation and awareness for >Steel City Anesthesia, 898 Marketing was first asked to redesign the overall brand statements and value proposition of this outsourced anesthesia solution. A new website that was mobile friendly was needed as was an overarching SEO and lead generation strategy that incorporated both paid search and display advertising on social and ad networks. In addition, Steel City Anesthesia needed to establish itself as experts in this field, so a white paper was created for individuals to download for free focusing on the benefits of what a management service organization could bring to outpatient and inpatient facilities requiring anesthesia services. The first of several steps to an aggressive content strategy was also implemented to further add credibility to the efforts of Steel City Anesthesia. In addition, it was 898 Marketing's responsibility to assist with a sales process to help follow up with leads and close deals.

  • Brand Messaging
  • Web Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Paid Search Marketing
  • Social Media Ad Targeting
  • Lead Generation
  • Content Development (Blogging and White Paper)
  • Business Development/Sales Follow Up

  • Keyword improvement across the board for all targeted words
  • Organic search has increased traffic to the site by 98%
  • Total sessions/visits to the site is up 833%
  • Amount of unique users is up 773%
  • For business development, 27.5% of leads converted into opportunities and 12.5% of opportunities converted into deals

"898 Marketing has been a valuable asset to advancing our footprint within the medical community. The professionalism and knowledge is unsurpassed compared to any marketing firms we have used in the past. Unequivocally we would recommend them."
~ Dr. Robert Simerlink, Director of Operations, Steel City Anesthesia

Lead Generation, Marketing Collateral, Strategic Marketing, Web Development
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About This Project