Tuesdays with Ryz: The Universal Language

Language is an interesting thing. With over 6,500 of them in the world, it is always fascinating when we meet someone who can speak more than one. 

We also get a smile or special feeling when we are at a fancy restaurant and hear “Bon appetit,” tell a friend “Adios,” or are told we are “Bellissimo(a).” While the languages of the world are vast, it is often hard to even communicate in our own language. 

Things are “lost in translation,” or people say they don’t understand us even when we think we are being clear. The challenge is that, while our words are there to help us, they are often misconstrued as to what we actually mean. We use our words when we should be using our actions. Our actions are what clearly communicate who we are, what we are feeling or what we actually mean. To that extent, it is safe to say that the most important language is one that is spoken and understood in any country you go to. That… is the language of love.

A simple hug, a smile, the holding of a hand, and a gift from the heart bring a sense of understanding, peace, and calmness to uncertainty or misunderstanding. With so much talking, love is still the universal language. Wouldn’t it be great if we all understood that? Know I appreciate you reading this, and if you need me I’m here for you.