Tuesdays with Ryz: The Dream

We all had a dream when we were little. Whether it was a professional athlete, a ballerina on stage, an astronaut, a police officer, a doctor or a gymnast, whatever it was, there was something we hoped to become one day. Somewhere along the way though, like all dreams, most of us woke up. We realized that the dream was not going to be a reality.  However, there were a select few that lived out the dream we had as a child, but it wasn’t because of luck or wishing upon stars in the sky.  

There are two types of approaches you can take towards something, you can either have a dream or a goal. You’re probably wondering what the difference is between the two. Lucky for you, I gotta fill more character limits for the blog so I’ll share the secret.  

Dreams are hopes and aspirations. They are desires we want but there is no tangible way we intend to achieve them, other than through pure coincidence and luck.  Goals on the other hand are dreams with a plan. They have a defined path to achieving what you want and usually involve a timeframe you are going to do it in. They hold you accountable and have you disciplined in a manner that changes an outcome from hoping that it happens to one that is being worked on to make it happen. 

Dreams are also fleeting, meaning, they don’t last. Usually, we grow out of the dream for one reason or another or, like actual dreams in our sleep, we wake up. They always come to an end. However, a goal doesn’t end. In fact, once you achieve the goal, you have to work equally as hard to maintain that standard or build upon it to move towards yet another goal. You see, goals never end… they just grow.  

Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t follow your dreams. However, following your dreams isn’t really dreaming about them. It turns that hope or fantasy you once thought about into a realistic expectation with a defined plan on how to achieve it. Think about it, what could our world, or just you, achieve, if we stopped dreaming about doing something and actually put a plan in place?  

In our office above the doors in our conference room, there is a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt that says, “It takes just as much energy to hope as it does to plan.” Put your energy towards what you want to achieve and you will have a life worth dreaming about.  

Thanks for reading and if you ever need anything, know that I’m always here for you.