Comfort Zone

Tuesdays with Ryz: Comfort Zone

We all make commitments in our lives.

We honor those commitments to our spouses/partners, our jobs, our faith, our schools, our friends and our family. Even when we are troubled, tired, unmotivated, spread too thin, upset or flat out don’t feel like it, we honor our commitment.

When it comes to commitment though, it always comes with one thing: being uncomfortable. We can be uncomfortable from the challenge, from the pain, from the fatigue, from the amount of pressure it puts on us. The reason we usually give up and break our commitments is because we are not used to being uncomfortable. We feel safe in our comfort zones.  But, those comfort zones are not where we become the best version of who we can be. 

Whether it is Lent or a relationship or a new position at work, the commitments we make are going to test our ability to operate in a place where we are not used to what happens.  However, that is where we discover what we are truly capable of doing and becoming.