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5 Reasons Why Anniversaries are Important

I’ve always been someone who loved celebrating birthdays and anniversaries. Even in high school, I was the one who celebrated monthly milestone anniversaries just as much as annual ones. Although, if I’m being honest, the annual ones were much harder to come by until later on in life…like when I got married. And while I took the shots from friends over the flowers and cards, special notes and dinners, I have always felt that anniversaries are important and give a new meaning to the date they fall on.

Take January 14th, for instance. Not much to celebrate on this day, let’s be honest. You’re two weeks out from New Year’s, hopefully through the hangover of the celebration. You’re also halfway to the end of the first month of your resolutions which were likely broken by now, and, as the 228th most common birthday for people in the United States, not many candles are being blown out. But it is a special day for 898 Marketing.

Nine years ago, 898 Marketing actually became, well, a thing. Like a REAL thing. We got papers and everything from the government and the state of Ohio to prove it. The dream that had started decades before became a reality. Since then, over 40 team members, more than 200 companies and countless people in the community have been impacted by this one date in 2014. And while some would say this year is not a milestone like next year’s will be, I believe every anniversary is worth celebrating and important.  So much so, I’ve got five reasons why anniversaries not only matter to us at 898 Marketing but why yours should matter to you.

We are often looking forward in our lives rather than looking back.  That’s why the front window is much bigger than the rearview mirror.  However, taking a moment to think about all that was accomplished or achieved over the past year and since the origins of the business, relationship or accomplishment, gives more meaning to why you did it in the first place.  It allows you to stop and realize what the time passed has meant to you and those around you.  Reminiscing helps renew your original feelings and displays how far you’ve come.

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind. We may get completely overwhelmed with things we have to do that we forget what we love to do. Anniversaries offer a moment to remind ourselves why we entered into a relationship or began this venture and journey in the first place, almost falling in love all over again. Anniversaries enable us to take time out from the chaos of life to reinforce how this whole thing started in the first place.  

Anniversaries aren’t meant to simply go over what HAS happened but to think about what WILL happen. Remember that front window stuff from a few paragraphs above? Yeah, that one! Plan for things that this new year will bring or that you hope to achieve. Think about what you hope to achieve so that at this time next year, you have something special to recall.

So often we are asking for things, hoping for things (see last reason) and praying for things. In doing this, we forget the two most important words we should be hearing on an anniversary. No, it’s not “Happy Anniversary,” but “Thank you!” Anniversaries provide us the perfect chance to show appreciation to those who helped us achieve what we are celebrating. From employees to partners, husbands and wives to family and friends, showing and sharing your gratitude will help ensure that the people who made this day special, continue to do so for years to come.

Did you know that researchers found that couples and companies who celebrate important dates, strengthen their connections and relationships with each other/their employees? This doesn’t mean you have to have a huge party, though if you do, I hope my invitation is in the mail. What it does mean is that you make people feel special, feel a reason to celebrate.  

Nine years ago, an idea became a reality and every day since then, I’ve celebrated because tomorrow is not guaranteed to anyone. I hope that you treat every day as an anniversary and that these simple reasons will help guide you to celebrate the days that are important to you. And if you need someone to cheers with or just a pat on the back, I’m here for you if you need me. Thanks for reading and for helping make the last 9 years worthy of a celebration every day.