Tuesdays with Ryz – The Mind is More Powerful than the Body

If you think…

If you think you are going to lose then you’ve already been beaten.  If you feel you wouldn’t dare to do something, you won’t.  If you think you don’t belong, you will never be accepted.  If you look at your opponent and think you cannot win, then you will lose and there is no sense in playing. 

The power of your mind is more powerful than your body.  Success is not found in the final outcome, but in the state of mind that you have when you first begin.  The only person who can give you that is you.  You’ve got to be sure you can count on yourself before you can ever be confident to depend on others.

In life, you will go through many battles.  The secret though is not found in whether or not you actually win or lose because the battles you face are not judged on physical abilities.  They are always judged on whether or not you think you can win because the one who ends up winning is always the one who never gave up on the thought that he/she could.

If you find yourself not believing in yourself, hit me up, because I’m always here if you need me.