Tuesdays With Ryz – Be an Optimist

A pessimist and an optimist are walking down the street.  The pessimist says, “I thought you said this was a short walk.  I’m gonna be tired.” The optimist said, “Don’t worry, you’re getting blood moving and exercise and when you get home, you’re going to feel great.”  As they are walking, the clouds start to form and the pessimist says, “Oh great!  The clouds are covering the sun and we can’t even enjoy nice weather.” The optimist replies, “Not at all!  Too much sun can be harmful and the clouds are giving us protection and making it cool.”  Just then, a group of birds fly over and bird droppings fall on both of them.  The pessimist said, ” Ok, let me hear how bird droppings is a good thing!” With a grin, the optimist looks at the droppings and says, “I’m just thankful that God didn’t make flying buffalo.” 

Your glass is either half full or half empty.  In every situation, there is a choice we must make of how we are going to view that experience.  Some of us look at it with pessimism and despair, while others look at it with optimism and hope.  The situation can be exactly the same, but how we view it makes all the difference in the world.  And that is how we shape the world around us.  

It is not always easy but it has so much impact on who we are as a person, how we engage with those around us and how we interact with everyone else. We don’t need to be perfect, we just need to remember that life hands you lemons sometimes and, when it does, it is a good opportunity to make the perfect lemonade.  

Try not to look at the challenging situations as flaws or a detriment to who you are.  Instead look at them as moments to embrace the shit you may encounter by realizing it can always be worse, like flying buffalo.  And if you ever feel like you can’t get through it, remember, I’m here if you need me.