Tuesdays With Ryz – What Are You Willing to Do?

Resolutions are made. Some are kept. Most are broken. But if you truly set a resolution, you would have resolved to do it, regardless of a holiday, date, or time of year.  But don’t beat yourself up over a resolution that may have not made it. The year hasn’t ended, has it? 

You see, the great thing about resolutions is that your resolve to complete is stronger than the forces that are attempting to prevent you from achieving your goal. Just because you have a setback, doesn’t mean you can’t step back in and continue. Your resolutions are not defined by a day or time. They are defined by your resolve to complete what you set out to do, no matter how long it takes or what obstacle you encounter.

The truth is, resolutions and goal setting are the easy parts. The challenge is in embracing the process that it takes to get there. You may not like doing the tasks you have to do to achieve it, but if it is really worth, you will do it.  

Every decision, every action, everything you do has to be centered around achieving that end goal. You may not want to do it, you may like that you have to do it, but doing whatever it takes is what separates you from others who are sitting there saying, “I’ll get to it next year.” This IS next year for you.

You don’t have to like the process but that’s why it makes the end goal so worth it when you reach it. The end is not the goal, staying the course and doing what you need to do to achieve it, whatever it takes, is the goal. It is your resolve that makes the end of the journey so worth it. 

I hope you are staying on your journey and achieving what you set out to do. But if you need a little help, remember, I’m here if you need me.