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Tuesdays With Ryz – Get To

The holiday season is here and, let’s be honest, there is a ton to do.  From cooking and cleaning, to decorations and presents, we have got to get things in order.  Our to-do lists are as long as Santa’s Nice List.  And while we focus on crossing several items off of our to-do lists, we get so caught up in the things we’ve “got to do” instead of looking at them as things we “get to do.”

“Got To” and “Get To” are two very different ways of looking at things.  More often than not, we look at tasks and things we need to do in our lives as things we have GOT TO do.  

  • I’ve got to cook dinner for my family
  • I’ve got to watch/pick up the kids
  • I’ve got to go to work
  • I’ve got to go to school
  • I’ve got to call this person

But what happens if we change just one letter? What if instead of looking at those tasks as a burden, we look at it with a sense of gratitude to have the privilege of doing it?  Simply changing the “O” to an “E” in the word, “GOT,” gets you to a totally different place:  

  • I get to cook dinner for my family so we can eat together
  • I get to watch the kids and make memories as they grow up
  • I get to go to work and make a difference with my mind and talents
  • I get to call this person and connect with them

We look at our tasks every day as things we’ve GOT TO do instead of things we GET TO do.  By approaching our daily activities with an attitude of gratitude, our outlook on the day and our tasks shift drastically.  Instead of being resentful, stressed or looking at tasks as burdens, we look at it as something we have the honor of doing because it enriches the lives of those around us.  

As the stress of the holidays begins to mount and the pressures to make this time of year full of yuletide cheer and presents, shifting our mentality from one of “Got To” to one of “Get To” creates the attitude of gratitude this Thanksgiving holiday is meant to serve up.

Be thankful for the things you GET TO do because, one day, you will only be able to talk about them as things you once GOT TO do. 

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.  Thank you for reading and know that if you need anything, I am here for you…and I love being able to GET TO do that for you.