Tuesdays With Ryz – Scars

We are never as perfect as the day when we were born.  As our journey through life carries us forward, we learn that the perfect skin we had when we were born starts to have blemishes and scars.  These scars are remnants of incidents, accidents and encounters that were so traumatic, it left a reminder that would stay with us forever.  Most of us try to cover up those scars, hiding it from others because we may somehow think it makes us less of a person, unattractive or maybe even weaker.

Every day, we encounter things that leave us with scars.  These can be scars that are physical, emotional or psychological.  These scars are reminders of very challenging times we were once faced with.  Moments when the odds were stacked against us, when we felt we couldn’t overcome something or maybe even doubted who we were as a person.  At the moment we got that scar, we may have been unable to see us surviving that moment.  However, that scar is more than that.

Scars remind us of the challenges but also that we overcame them.  Each one has a story that is as unique as each one of us.  That the pain we endured was a brief moment in time. And while the scar remains, it is a lifelong reminder of the strength, perseverance and abilities we have in ourselves to overcome the toughest challenges.  The scars we carry with us are a constant reminder that we are better than even we thought we could be.

Scars may make us less perfect than we were as a child, but, the way I see, those reminders are what make us so special and who we are.  We all have scars.  Don’t hide them.  Learn from them.  Embrace them as a part of who you are because, without them, you wouldn’t be the amazing person you are today nor have the confidence and faith to know that you can get through the next one when it comes.  

Thanks for reading and, if you ever need me, know that I’m here for you.