Tuesdays With Ryz – Attitude of Gratitude

Words of Wisdom from Jim Tressel.

Has anyone ever told you that you have an attitude?  It probably wasn’t meant as a compliment, but we all have attitudes.  They are also everywhere around us.  As we look at our own attitude, the challenge arises in our choice of embracing a particular attitude each and every day.  

In our office, we have a message about attitude that we read every day.  However, I had the opportunity to talk with Hall of Fame collegiate coach and President of Youngstown State University, Jim Tressel, about attitude.  In his words, he preaches for everyone to embrace the idea of having an “Attitude of Gratitude.” 

The idea is that each day, we wake up thankful for the things in our lives that we are grateful for having.  It could be as simple as a smile from a stranger, the warmth of the sun, being pain free for a day, a phone call from a loved one or friend or maybe just that you were given another day of life.  

Some days are easier than others, but it is much easier to face the day when you realize the fragility of life and the blessings you’ve been given than focusing on the challenges you may be facing.   Start and end each day with a quiet moment and reflect on one thing that you are thankful for in your life.  Doing so will change your entire outlook on the day ahead of you, and help you end it with peaceful rest from the fulfilled day you just lived.  Plus, if someone tells you that you have an attitude, you can simply smile and say, “Thank you!”

Thanks for reading and know that I’m here for you if you need me.