#89Ate – Napa Grocery

Inspired by popular cooking methods from around the world, Napa Grocery is anything but a standard grocery store and deli. Nunzio Scordo and Aaron Hynek, the owners and head chefs of Napa Grocery, came from Florida to create a store that specializes in high quality prepared food, without the need to order takeout from restaurants. The result is Napa Grocery, which has been thriving since its debut in the area earlier this year. Here is what Napa Grocery has to offer, and what we loved most about it. 

While their name is representative of the California location, the Napa team pulls inspiration from cooking styles across the globe. This is evident in their daily offerings, which includes roasted and grilled meats, vegetables, casseroles, salads, European cheeses, Serrano ham, San Danielle Prosciutto, and more. Though their everyday items are vast, they are best known for their fresh, Roman-style pizzas and sandwiches. The cornerstone of the Napa team’s pizzas and sandwiches lies in the dough they use to create their crust and bread. Through a very intricate and detailed process, Scordo and Hynek are able to create a crisp, light, and airy crust that completes the pizzas, and holds the sandwiches together. 

Our team sampled a variety of pizzas from Napa, including the prosciutto, eggplant, and margherita. The prosciutto had a uniquely sweet flavor, which made it stand out from the other pizzas and a favorite in our office. The eggplant was perfectly breaded and cooked, and when paired with the pizza’s cheese, sauce, and tomatoes, made for an outstanding topping. The freshness was bursting from the margherita pizza, reflecting the duo’s California influences, as the name of the store suggests. Each slice was light and crisp, like the team states, which took the pizzas to another level by adding an excellent texture to each bite. 

Whether you are looking for something to cook for dinner, or if you need a quick sandwich or pizza for lunch, Napa Grocery in Canfield has something for you. Scordo and Hynek used their culinary expertise, and influences from across the globe, to create an outstanding dining and shopping experience. Be sure to let us know about your Napa Grocery experience using #89Ate!