High Octane Coffee

#89Ate – High Octane Coffee

Modern coffee shops are defined by very relaxed atmospheres, often branding themselves as relaxing little shops where you can enjoy a classic morning brew. High Octane Coffee Company, located in Boardman, takes the idea of the traditional American coffee shop and gives it a caffeinated jolt, creating a completely one-of-a-kind experience. At High Octane, not only will you find some amazing coffee and coffee-based beverages, you just might find a few classic cars. Here is what, we think, makes High Octane stand out in the local coffee scene.


Abiding by the slogan, “Fuel for Your Life,” the team at High Octane is committed to creating a unique coffee experience unlike any other in the area. Joe Sylvester, the owner of High Octane, uses his background in automotive and racing as inspiration for his coffee shop. The building is designed to reflect a 1950s service garage in appearance, making it one of the most visually unique coffee shops in the area. Inside, you’ll find people who understand that the lifestyle you live is a busy one, and you need a boost to keep you going. Not only does their coffee satisfy in the energy department, but it stays a lap ahead in the flavor department as well. 


The menu at High Octane is incredibly diverse, offering coffee and breakfast sandwiches to get your day started, as well as ice cream, milkshakes, and other sweet treats to satisfy that sweet tooth. Our team was especially impressed by the coffee and breakfast sandwiches though, as they were packed with flavor and were the perfect start to a busy day. For those who need an extra boost to get through the day, High Octane offers the High Octane Cold Brew, their signature beverage. This take on the classic iced drink is packed with just as much flavor as it is energy, offering a striking balance to your beverage.


High Octane Coffee offers the perfect to anyone looking for a fast start to the day, or for folks who need a little mid-day fuel. Whether you need something to start the day, or a sweet treat, High Octane has something for you. Let us know about your High Octane experience using #89Ate!