Tuesdays With Ryz- The Hunter or the Hunted

We are always running.  Our lives have become so chaotic and full of demands and tasks that the treadmill seemingly never slows down, only continuing to speed up with no end in sight.  However, the mentality that you take when you are going after that task or goal is really easy to break down.  We actually see it in nature all the time.  As my good friend, Joe Moss, of Blessed Body Fit always says, “You are either the hunter or the hunted.”

The thing about this comparison is that both characteristics run at the same pace. The difference is in their approach.

If you have ever seen animals being hunted, they are wildly running, panicking, darting, and moving with a feverish motion full of anxiety and downright fear.  For good reason, too.  However, running at the same pace, the mentality of the hunter is much different.  Relaxed, calculated, focused, and determined to finish the mission by tackling whatever is in front of it, literally.

Everyday we are running, and regardless of what is behind you or in front of you, the mentality you choose impacts how you will accomplish your goal.  Even if the treadmill continues to move, having a hunter mentality will ensure you are relaxed and poised to succeed.  Hunters live to fight another day.  Hunted….well…you know.

Thanks for reading and know that Iā€™m here for you if you need me.