Tuesdays With Ryz- Perfection Isn’t Real, But You Are

You’re not meant to be perfect…you’re meant to be real. But it is tough to look in the mirror sometimes and accept reality. From our looks, our accomplishments, our finances, our kids, our own self esteem, we look at others thinking, “They have a perfect life.”  

Whether it is the awareness of his career, the happy family portraits of them with their kids, her physical physique or how she/he makes it look effortless to tackle everything they do in a day while smiling the entire time. It’s not perfect.

We compare perfection of another to our own lives. However, the perfection is usually a facade to deeper cracks we never get to see. It’s like the turkey in Christmas Vacation…from the outside, it looked perfect. Once Clark cut into it, Uncle Eddie was the only one who found delight.

Instead of wishing you had that “perfect life,” what might happen if you stop for a minute and give yourself the credit you deserve for what you have built in your own life?

Instead of striving for perfection, what if you allowed the world to see you for who you are and, more importantly, appreciated the greatness you have achieved, in spite of all the challenges?

Don’t try to be perfect. Just be you because there is always someone, somewhere looking at you wanting your perfect life.

Thanks for reading and if you need me, I’m here for you.